Exclusive for Aircraft Owners: The SkyLife Watch

RUAG Aviation and German luxury watchmaker Moritz Grossmann both share a passion for quality, precision and craftsmanship. Designers and master artisans from both companies have come together in creating a unique timepiece exclusively for aircraft owners: the SkyLife BENU Tourbillon.
The pinnacle of the watchmaker’s art, the SkyLife BENU Tourbillon conveys the shared values of both companies.
This rare luxury timepiece epitomises handcrafted elegance and is an expression of the unique quality of life we enjoy – when we feel at home while travelling through the skies.

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The tourbillon crowns the BENU family. After all, the flying three-minute tourbillon with stop seconds is one of the most formidable challenges in horology.

The complex choreography of mechanical precision can be admired through the sapphire-crystal back. It expresses technical virtuosity and stands for traditional craftsmanship.


Pairing the Grossmann balance with a tourbillon made it necessary to question some classic principles of horological design. For the BENU Tourbillon, key movement functions were reconceived to accommodate the aspirations of Grossmann's watchmakers with respect to precision, efficiency, and aesthetics. The Grossmann three-minute tourbillon is based on the insights of respected Glashütte watchmaker Alfred Helwig, who developed the flying tourbillon. The unusual size and the seductive gestalt of the tourbillon are beautifully showcased with a longer periodicity. A patentpending stop-seconds mechanism with a fine-tipped brush made of human hair completes this stunning tourbillon implementation.


The solid-silver dial is tripartite. Two recessed subsidiary dials with unambiguous scales and distinctly different hand shapes complement the minute indication from the centre. The aperture for the 16-millimetre tourbillon cage is unusually large thanks to the off-centre positions of the auxiliary dials for the seconds and hours. When the minute hand progresses into the tourbillon aperture, the missing ten-minute segment is replaced by the scale on the opposite side and swept by the extension of the hand. This delivers a clear reading of the time span from 25 to 35 minutes in the space between the subdials. A patent has been registered for this dual display function.


The conical pusher adjacent to the crown reveals the presence of an ingenious handsetting mechanism: the Grossmann winder with pusher. A short tug on the crown switches to the handsetting mode and at the same time stops the movement. The crown immediately returns to its home position but can now be turned to set the hands. Then, the movement is restarted with the pusher and the mechanism switches back to the winding mode.


The steel hands with the wispy tips are crafted manually in-house and annealed to a brown-violet hue over an open flame.


The butterfly clasp affords extra protection and remains firmly locked until the lateral safety buttons are pressed. It features an engraved logo and assures a particularly snug fit on the wrist.

Moritz Grossmann – A quest to achieve pure excellence

Some of us aspire to create great products; others aspire to build great companies, and occasionally, someone ventures to develop excellence in a great industry. Who could have predicted that in 1854, this would happen in the Saxon Ore Mountains of Germany? One man, from a village known as Glashütte, dared to search for pure excellence, and through his actions influenced the distinguished German watch industry.

Moritz Grossmann, a founding father of Glashütte's watch making artistry, had a serene, independent and scientific personality with which he aspired to produce more than "just" high quality watches. His spirit was most enterprising. Moritz wanted to build an industry capable of manufacturing mechanically perfect watches. He created a legend - timepieces of pure excellence for the elite. In 2008, the watchmakers of Moritz Grossmann began to reinvent and craft once again the pure class luxury timepieces of serene perfection in Moritz`s original Saxon village of Glashütte. The clientele of Moritz Grossmann timepieces remains as exclusive as it was in 1879.

RUAG Aviation: reaching new heights in excellence

RUAG Aviation has a long history of perfection and innovation in aviation, while being trusted globally with the safety of millions. The company started life amid the spectacular Swiss Alps, and it lives the meaning of exclusivity. RUAG Aviation has now crafted an oasis in the skies, to rekindle the exclusivity, comfort and quality of life in air travel.

RUAG Aviation embodies the very meaning of state-of-the-art Swiss craftsmanship, and it harnesses this to create customised luxurious environments, in which global travelers can enjoy tranquility, peace of mind and seamless connectivity. Passengers remain connected to their aircraft and to those they care about, while enjoying their leisure time in their own private luxury space above the clouds. RUAG Aviation's craftspeople create serene excellence in the skies by understanding what it is that makes you feel at home - no matter where you are.